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Our Screenshot App supports major browser platforms. Feel free to download latest version.

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We provide most common questions and answers for your convenience

How can i download this App?

Please use our download section to download our latest versions. Please understand that we are constantly releasing new versions with bug-fixes. Try to have always latest version running. Chrome and Firefox do auto-update but some people might have disabled this option. Some other countries like China might not be able to get updated automatically.

Which platforms are supported?

We do support major browsers such as Chrome and Firefox. Other platforms such as Opera and Edge will follow soon

How can i get support?

We do support only through email (for now). Please use our contact page to send us your inquiry and allow us enough time to respond. It is important to send us as many details as possible. If you are submitting bugs it would be good to have some screenshots. You can write your support inquiry in your native language, hence our support uses translators to translate them to english.

Where are shared files stored?

All shared files are stored on CDN and are replicated multiple times. They will also be backuped. Of course you can delete the files and they will be stopped to served almost instantly.

Can i delete shared files?

Of course you can! All deleted files will be offline within seconds and they will also be removed from CDN servers within hours. Also backuped versions will be deleted within 7 days upon deletion.

What happens if i uninstall the App?

Once you uninstall this app you will lose the connection to your shared files. To avoid this you should always store your installation-id in a safe place. With installation-id you can sign in later to remove your files (if required)